Celebrating National Battery Day: EnPower, Inc.’s 2024 Milestones

Febrary 18, 2024

Indianapolis, IN — EnPower, Inc. is celebrating National Battery Day by showcasing the company’s significant upcoming milestones, underscoring another year of successful growth and development as a US owned and operated battery cell manufacturer. EnPower, Inc. is proud to be part of the rapidly growing industry, working to develop cells that can serve any high-performance application.  

One of the most important aspects of EnPower’s 2024 journey is its focus on customer deliveries. The company is dedicated to developing innovative NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) and LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery cell samples tailored to meet diverse customer requirements.  

Due to the recent purchase of its Indianapolis manufacturing facility in 2022, the company is dedicated to building a strong team and robust manufacturing capabilities to become a top high-performance battery cell manufacturer in the United States. The strategic acquisition of this purchase accelerated time to market and expanded EnPower’s production capabilities. They have spent the last couple of years optimizing its processes, reducing lead times, and ensuring consistent quality across its production lines.  

 EnPower, Inc. is known for its patented multilayer design that allows extremely fast charging without degradation to the cell. Repeated fast charging of lithium-ion cells causes unwanted aging behavior and rapid capacity fade. EnPower’s engineered architectures deliver both energy density and extremely fast charging. 

Here are some of the key milestones EnPower aims to reach this year: 

March & April: Pre-Production Electrode Trials 

In March and April, EnPower will demonstrate its production capabilities by manufacturing and delivering several thousand meters of electrode to one of their customers for validation.  


May: LFP Cell Samples 

In May 2024, EnPower’s team will deliver LFP samples that will showcase the benefits of their manufacturing capabilities and new cell design with multilayer technology. 


May: Electrode 500-700m Trials 

EnPower is preparing for trials involving high-performance 500-700m electrode samples. To put it into perspective, supplying 700 meters of electrode material equates to roughly twice the height of the Empire State Building. The remarkable progress being achieved by the team within a brief timeframe is truly impressive. 


May: NMC Cell Samples 

In addition to LFP, NCM samples will be sent out in May. These samples integrate multilayer technology and unique formulation aimed at surpassing current market performance standards. 


2nd half of 2024: Battery Cell Joint Development 

EnPower will be in the final phases of establishing a joint development agreement for battery cells.  


In highlighting their progress towards pivotal milestones in 2024, EnPower displays the substantial advancements occurring within the United States lithium-ion battery sector. EnPower will be sharing more details about these developments as the year continues. 

About EnPower, Inc.   

EnPower, Inc., is a leader in advanced U.S. lithium-ion battery manufacturing. EnPower’s technological advantage lies in its patented multilayer electrodes, which address the trade-off between energy and power. High power and energy density cells with EnPower’s electrodes can repeatedly fast charge without degradation to service life, solving a critical challenge to the mass adoption of all devices that roll, float or fly.