EnPower is a lean, execution-focused innovation leader in the Lithium-ion battery industry

Building Better Batteries

EnPower is a battery technology company focused on developing scalable, engineering-based innovations to unlock the full potential of lithium-ion.

EnPower’s platform technology, a patented electrode architecture, delivers superior performance, safety, and battery life. EnPower builds high energy density pouch cells with up to 70% more power and three times faster charging than today’s best batteries. The technology is compatible with existing manufacturing lines installed globally and does not add cost to the cell.

By solving the fundamental trade-off in today’s Lithium-ion batteries, energy vs. power, EnPower technology will revolutionize batteries for electric vehicles and other demanding applications, unlocking a $100B+ market.

The Company is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, where a 240 kWh/year pilot manufacturing facility enables rapid prototyping of 3.5-7Ah pouch cells from powders-to-test in under three weeks.

Meet our world-class team

  • Jan 2018
    EnPower was born
  • Jul 2018
    First patent granted for electrode architecture
  • May 2019
    Phoenix, AZ manufacturing facility completed
  • Jun 2019
    First commercial tech evaluation with automotive OEM
  • Feb 2020
    Intrinsically safe battery demonstration
  • May 2020
    First sale to U.S. government organization
  • Feb 2021
    USABC Technology Assessment Program
  • Today
    Sampling ~7Ah pouch cells for customer evaluation

Our history 

Co-founder and CTO Adrian Yao set out on a mission to break through the barriers of lithium-ion technology. Instead of accepting the longstanding trade-off between high energy and high power, he named the company after his goal to deliver both in the same battery: Energy + Power = EnPower.

Advanced electrode engineering was just the start of EnPower’s mission to unlock the full potential of lithium-ion. Today, EnPower’s approach to building better batteries is attracting commercial partners, investors, and world-class talent.

Early traction included a technical evaluation program with an automotive OEM that led to an electrode sampling project. In 2021, EnPower is offering ~7Ah cell samples for third party evaluation and integration. Contact us to learn more! 

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