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EnPower, Inc. is a lithium-ion battery company poised to become the U.S. leader in advanced battery manufacturing. EnPower’s technology advantage lies in its patented multilayer electrodes, which address the trade-off between energy and power. High energy density cells with EnPower’s electrodes can repeatedly fast charge without degradation to service life, solving a critical challenge to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

EnPower is committed to advanced technology development and manufacturing in the United States. The company’s research & development facility enables rapid innovation and prototyping in 3-7Ah pouch cells. Technology will be scaled for qualification and production at EnPower’s customer qualification facility in Indianapolis, IN.

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We take pride in creating an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

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  • 2018
    First patent granted for electrode architecture
  • 2019
    Phoenix, AZ R&D facility completed
  • 2020
    Technology evaluation programs for early validation
  • JAN 2022
    Company moves headquarters & R&D facility to Indianapolis, IN.
  • Today
    92,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility will enable product qualification and scale-up

Our history 

Co-founder Adrian Yao set out on a mission to break through the barriers of lithium-ion technology. Instead of accepting the longstanding trade-off between high energy and high power, he named the company after his goal to deliver both in the same battery: Energy + Power = EnPower.

Advanced electrode engineering was just the start of EnPower’s mission to unlock the full potential of lithium-ion. Today, EnPower’s approach to building better batteries is attracting commercial partners, investors, and world-class talent.

EnPower is poised to become a leader in U.S. advanced battery manufacturing. The 92,000 sq. ft. facility will be used to complete comprehensive cell testing, scale production, and secure sales agreements.


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