Improving Discharge Performance with Multilayer Anodes

august 2021 | technical NOTE

EnPower explored the discharge performance benefits of multilayer anodes across a wide range of electrode thicknesses. Results show that EnPower’s multilayer graphite anodes improve discharge capacity retention by 30-40% across “Energy,” “Balanced,” and “Power” regimes.


Multilayer Electrode Architectures for Lithium-ion Batteries

December 2020 | white paper

EnPower is developing advanced multilayer electrode architectures that solve the trade-off between energy and power. High energy density cells with EnPower’s patented electrodes demonstrate superior fast charge cycle life, reduced DC internal resistance (DCIR), and improved discharge performance when compared to the same cell designs with conventional electrode architectures.

This white paper includes pouch cell data from EnPower cells manufactured and tested at the company’s pilot manufacturing facility.