Solving Today's Energy Challenges by Building Better Batteries

Solving Today's Energy Challenges by Building Better Batteries

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EnPower is a high-performance battery company commercializing engineering-based innovations that unlock the full potential of lithium-ion

How is EnPower revolutionizing the battery industry?

U.s. manufacturing

We are committed to being part of the solution for the U.S. battery supply chain. EnPower operates a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, that can produce up to 800-MWh of lithium-ion pouch cells. We will serve markets where a domestic supply of advanced cells is critical.

multilayer technology

EnPower’s engineering-based innovation addresses the tradeoff between energy and power in traditionally manufactured cells. Our patented multilayer electrodes are designed with strategic porosity, tortuosity, and other profiles to facilitate rapid ion transport through the thickness of electrodes.

Strong company culture

Creating a positive work environment is crucial for the long-term success of our employees. Annette Finsterbusch, CEO of EnPower, says building a world-class team is her most important job. We are building a hardworking and ambitious team passionate about engineering our way to a more sustainable future.



Technical evaluation samples

4-7 Ah pouch cells are available for technical evaluation. Cells are sampled with and without multilayer electrodes for direct comparison.

Product Samples

35 Ah samples are coming soon! These large-format pouch cells will be produced for customer qualification. Contact us to reserve samples for your application today!

EnPower 35 Ah cell

Multilayer Electrode Technology

Multilayer electrode

Multilayer Electrode Technology

EnPower’s multilayer electrode designs deliver superior energy AND power in the same battery cell. 

High energy density cells with our patented electrodes demonstrate superior fast charge cycle life, reduced DC internal resistance (DCIR), and improved discharge performance when compared to the same cell designs with conventional electrode architectures.

Our white papers share data from EnPower cells that are manufactured and tested by our research and development team. View our most recent publications to learn more about the benefits of multilayer technology

This industry is growing rapidly, and so are we.

EnPower’s mission is to develop scalable, engineering-based innovations that unlock the full potential of lithium-ion. Our team has talented engineers who constantly push the boundaries of battery technology to create new and innovative products.

Building better batteries is critical to the mass adoption of electric mobility, a significant part of the solution for climate change. If you are passionate about a more sustainable future, apply to join our rapidly growing team. 

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