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EnPower is a high-performance battery company commercializing engineering-based innovations that unlock the full potential of lithium-ion

How is EnPower revolutionizing the battery industry?

multilayer technology

EnPower’s multilayer electrodes are designed with strategic porosity, tortuosity, and other profiles to facilitate rapid ion transport through the thickness of electrodes, solving the energy-power tradeoff in traditional cells today. 

Fast CHarge

We focus on various applications that require fast charging (16-18 min) without experiencing harmful cell degradation. EnPower’s multilayer anodes retain >80% capacity over 500 cycles compared to only 30 cycles for the conventional anode.

American made

EnPower is committed to being part of the solution for the U.S. battery supply chain. Our team operates a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in Indianapolis, IN, that can produce well over 1 GWh of li-ion cells. We will serve markets where a domestic supply of advanced cells is critical.

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This industry is growing rapidly, and so are we.

Our team has talented engineers who constantly push the boundaries of battery technology. Fast charge batteries are critical to the mass adoption of electric mobility, a significant part of the solution for climate change. If you are passionate about a more sustainable future, apply to join our rapidly growing team.

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