Company Culture

Our values foster innovation, creativity, and teamwork. 



We are focused on achieving results together by enabling employees to do their best as individuals.


We contribute to the industry, the community, and our team with integrity and ownership.


We collaborate to solve high-value problems quickly.


Our individuals, teams, and projects build value and accelerate growth by delivering superior results.

EnPower is made up of a diverse, multi-talented group of employees who come to Phoenix from all over the world.

Outside the office, you can find us having fun together at team building events, participating in volunteer opportunities, and exploring new places in Arizona. Outings have included renting ATVs, bowling, gathering for a meal, boating on Bartlett Lake, and more fun excursions in the greater Phoenix area!

Our team is passionate about what we do. We look for individuals who are hungry to be challenged, thrive in a rapid-paced environment, are execution-focused, and are passionate about engineering our way to a more sustainable future.

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Company Videos

Meet our founder: Adrian Yao

EnPower’s co-founder and CTO, Adrian Yao, is not only an entrepreneur but a portrait painter, light saber builder, outdoors enthusiast, and much more.

“If you are driven by a mission you can give your heart and soul to, nothing can stop you.” – Adrian Yao

Company Culture

We are a small team tackling a big problem. Innovation, creativity, and teamwork are integral to our success. 

We are building a diverse, world-class team. Working at EnPower means you will have the ability to take ownership of your work, learn and grow with the company, and make a difference. 

Meet the people of EnPower

Our mission is brought to life through the personal strengths and interests of our employees. Our team is made up of hard-working, creative, curious, hopeful, authentic, optimistic, and ambitious individuals. If this sounds like you, let’s talk

A Note from our ceo

Annette Finsterbusch, a three-time startup CEO, says building a world-class team is her most important job at EnPower. Hear her advice on building teams and creating a company culture that values innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

“In the end of the day you have to be like-minded, and yet able to challenge each other.” – Annette Finsterbusch 


If you are a high-voltage, high-ampere individual who thrives in a rapid-paced environment, is execution-focused, and is passionate about engineering our way to a more sustainable future… let’s talk.

Building better batteries

EnPower’s engineered electrodes solve the trade-off between energy and power, unlocking superior performance in Lithium-ion batteries.