U.S. Manufacturing

Scalable, drop-in solution ready for commercialization


EnPower owns and operates an engineering development and pilot facility in Phoenix, AZ where it designs, builds, and tests 3.5-7.0Ah stacked pouch cells. The current facility enables EnPower to produce cells for sampling and third-party validation, as well as work with customers to optimize electrode and cell designs for specific applications.

Given the tremendous demand for Lithium-ion batteries, especially those manufactured domestically, EnPower is breaking ground on a manufacturing and customer qualification plant this year.

No Novel Materials, No Novel Equipment

EnPower is focused on engineering-based innovations that can be readily scaled. Our patented technology is chemistry agnostic, having the potential to improve any anode or cathode material by strategically designing the electrode architecture. This allows EnPower to work with materials defined by our customers, streamlining the development and qualification process.

The technology is immediately scalable using tradition Li-ion manufacturing equipment. The company’s patents and trade secrets protect the know-how required to simultaneously deposit up to three layers of material in a roll-to-roll fashion. Simultaneous deposition allows multilayer electrodes to be manufactured at the same throughput as traditional coating lines.


Does your application require advanced batteries made in the USA?