EnPower opens America’s newest gigawatt factory

October 5, 2022  

Indianapolis, IN — At 11 AM Oct. 5 EnPower, Inc., the US-owned fast-charge battery company, opens its first production facility in Indianapolis. This facility is dedicated to producing next generation American-made lithium-ion batteries, a crucial component of our zero-emission future.

The 92,000-square-foot production facility will open with an initial capacity of 800 MWh, quickly growing to well in excess of 1 GWh. EnPower’s multilayer technology has won industry wide attention because it delivers repeated fast charges without harmful battery degradation or compromising power and energy density.

The capabilities for their uses are multifaceted, from electric vehicles to outdoor lawn and power equipment, commercial and off-highway vehicles, recreational vehicles, drones, marine and aviation.

Indiana State Sen. Kyle Walker and Indiana Rep. Carey Hamilton will participate and share their thoughts about the significance of EnPower’s grand opening and its importance to Indiana and the community.

U.S. Sen. Todd Young of Indiana, who had planned on attending, had a family emergency and will be unable to attend, his office said Monday. His representative is expected to attend in his place.

About EnPower, Inc. 

EnPower, Inc., is a leader in advanced U.S. lithium-ion battery manufacturing. EnPower’s technology advantage lies in its patented multilayer electrodes, which address the trade-off between energy and power. High power and energy density cells with EnPower’s electrodes can repeatedly fast charge without degradation to service life, solving a critical challenge to the mass adoption of all devices that roll, float or fly.

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