EnPower named EmergeAZ Fast Grant Awardee, committed to Arizona growth

EnPower was selected as a Fast Grant Awardee by invisionAZ and the StartupAZ Foundation. The $1 million EmergeAZ Fast Grant Fund was created in partnership with Governor Doug Ducey to provide resources to entrepreneurs and startups in Arizona with emerging technologies. Thirty-three Fast Grant awardees were selected from more than 150 applicants.

Jack Selby, Chairman of invisionAZ, said, “These entrepreneurs and startups are creating an innovation and tech ecosystem in Arizona that will create more high quality jobs and opportunity for families.”

“It is with deep gratitude that we thank Governor Doug Ducey and all those working tirelessly to keep young technology businesses like EnPower moving forward during this difficult time,” said Annette Finsterbusch, CEO. “With your support, both financial and otherwise, we are able to sustain EnPower’s growth. Our full-time team has grown 75% since February 2020 and we aim to continue that growth through 2021. Our masks may not allow you to see the smile you put on our faces but know it’s there for sure! Being fundamental to Arizona’s clean energy future is part of our mission.”


About invisionAZ

invisionAZ will accelerate the growth of Arizona’s vibrant tech ecosystem by creating, promoting, and leading the framework that allows technology, innovation, and investment to flourish. The blueprint of invisionAZ was developed based on the response from leading tech experts at the 2017 AZ Tech Innovation Summit. We assembled a roadmap of real solutions to address the gaps that currently exist in the Arizona’s tech ecosystem. Learn more at invisionaz.org.

About StartupAZ

StartupAZ exists to help Arizona’s most innovative startup companies improve their leadership, performance, and connections, while inspiring generosity and philanthropy within their communities. We thrive on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, helping them grow, give back, and positively impact Arizona. Learn more at startupaz.org.

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EnPower’s 2022 Recap

In 2022, EnPower went from a small startup to one of the largest American-owned, privately held lithium ion battery cell manufacturers in the United States.