Technical White Paper: Multilayered Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries


Lithium-ion batteries are complex electrochemical systems where performance is highly dependent on the design, manufacture, and chemistry of internal components. This often creates confusion on the true capabilities of state-of-art technology and makes it difficult to compare various technologies head-to-head. While every battery manufacturer develops their own formulations, cell designs, manufacturing processes, formation and test protocols, and more—most of which are shrouded in secrecy—all Li-ion cells are ultimately governed by the same underlying physics.

In this white paper, we take a first-principles look at the typical design constraints limiting conventional Li-ion batteries, and how EnPower’s approach to engineering the electrodes—the most critical internal components—can help break away from traditionally-accepted engineering tradeoffs. We share pouch cell data demonstrating the benefits of EnPower’s multilayered electrode design strategy, including superior fast-charge cycle life, reduced DC internal resistance (DCIR), and improved discharge performance for high-energy cells.

As we progress on our mission towards enabling extreme fast charge for electric vehicles, we strive to be transparent with the battery community regarding our technology claims and progress. We hope to spark dialogue, collaboration, and new ideas as we tackle the greatest electrification opportunities together.


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