EnPower's 2022 Recap

December 29, 2022  

In 2022, EnPower saw the launch of a new manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, the first production-scale electrodes with multilayer technology, a successful grand opening, and many more noteworthy highlights. In just twelve short months, EnPower went from a small startup to one of the largest American-owned, privately held lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers in the United States. 

Every day EnPower is finding new ways to advance battery technology. With the upcoming ability to produce well over 800 MWh, they are able to meet the needs of customers and underserved battery markets. Over the next decade there will be a huge demand for batteries, and EnPower will be one of the many US manufacturers guiding the transition to a cleaner future. 

Looking ahead to 2023, the EnPower team will continue to focus on expanding their reach and deepening their impact. They look forward the next phase of battery production in 2023 and remain committed to building better batteries. Check out EnPower’s 2022 highlights below:

January 10: EnPower’s team began working at the new production facility in Indianapolis.

February 23: President & CEO Annette Finsterbusch speaks in a Fireside Chat during Cowen Inc.’s 2nd Annual Mobility Disruption Summit. 

March 4: President & CEO Annette Finsterbusch speaks on a panel for Women in “A Guide to Raising Capital in 2022 as a Woman in Cleantech.”

April 6: EnPower successfully completes the first 300mm pilot-scale coatings with multilayer technology. 

April 12: EnPower relocates headquarters and R&D line to Indianapolis, IN.

May 10: The offices of U.S. Senator Todd Young and U.S. Representative Victoria Spartz visit EnPower to learn about the battery manufacturing expansion plans for Indiana.

May 27: Annette Finsterbusch, President and CEO of EnPower, Inc., is appointed to a two-year term on the prestigious National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE).

July 18: CIOCoverage recognizes EnPower as a “Top 10 Leading Battery Technology Solution Provider to Watch in 2022.”

August 22: President & CEO Annette Finsterbusch is featured on LinkedIn with her piece, “To Address today’s climate crisis, we need a battery revolution. Here’s how we get started.”

August 24: Jon Stewart, the creator of Cleanerwatt on Youtube, makes a video titled “EnPower’s Innovative New Lithium-ion EV Battery” detailing EnPower’s multilayer technology and how it improves charging life, cycle life, and performance. 

September 6: Jon Stewart interviews EnPower’s Co-Founder Adrian Yao to discuss multilayer technology and commonly asked questions about the technology in his video titled, “New Multilayer Anode EV Batteries with Adrian Yao.”

September 27: President & CEO Annette Finsterbusch attended MOVE America 2022 to speak on Domestic Battery Manufacturing.

October 8: EnPower unveiled their new state-of-the-art lithium-ion manufacturing facility and headquarters.

October 24: Indianapolis Business Journal recognizes EnPower’s move to Indiana and the ability to meet the needs of underserved battery markets in this article, “EnPower’s pivot to Battery-Making Leads Company to Indianapolis.”

November 28: Chief Executive interviews CEO Annette Finsterbusch to discuss EnPower’s plans for battery manufacturing in “Battery Making Isn’t just for Automobiles” by Dale Buss. 

December 17: EnPower celebrates one year since acquiring its manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

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EnPower’s 2022 Recap

In 2022, EnPower went from a small startup to one of the largest American-owned, privately held lithium ion battery cell manufacturers in the United States.