EnPower, Inc. Opens New Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ

APRIL 29, 2021  

Phoenix, AZ, April 29, 2021 – EnPower, Inc., an advanced battery technology company, recently signed a multi-year lease agreement on a new company headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. This 3,693 square foot facility will house EnPower’s executive, business development, and sales teams. The building is located in Deer Valley to maintain close communication with the Company’s manufacturing facility. 

“Though I looked at dozens of options during 2020, none had the vibe that I envisioned for our new headquarters,” says EnPower’s President & CEO Annette Finsterbusch. “The space is bright and open with room to grow and that reflects where we are as a company: transitioning from a scrappy, nimble tech startup to a lean, professional product company. It’s really the perfect fit for where we are and where we’re going.”

EnPower’s Founder & CTO, Adrian Yao, added, “Having such proximity between the new office and the existing production facility really helps facilitate tight collaboration between technical and business units of the company, and further cultivates the diverse, cross-disciplinary working environment of EnPower.”

EnPower is excited to grow its presence in Arizona, where the lively startup community, low cost of living, and commitment to advanced manufacturing create an entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem. The EnPower team has grown 75% since March 2020 and Ms. Finsterbusch expects to fill several key roles in the coming months. The Company looks forward to further expansion in Arizona as an advanced battery manufacturer. 

About EnPower, Inc. 

EnPower, Inc. is an early-stage company developing fast charge lithium-ion battery technology. EnPower’s patented multilayer electrode architectures solve the fundamental tradeoff between energy and power in today’s batteries, enabling both long range and repeated fast charging for electric vehicles. Manufacturing these architectures is a drop-in to existing Lithium-ion manufacturing infrastructure, adds no cost to the unit cell, and uses industry-standard materials. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the Company operates a 240 kWh/year rapid prototyping facility and is planning expansion to support its commercialization plan in late 2021.