Unlocking the Future of High Performance Electric Transportation

Advancements in lithium-ion batteries have opened new frontiers of performance for industries to explore and innovate. In the automotive sector, high-performance electric vehicles are drawing hype, with legacy brands like Aston Martin and Ferrari announcing electric vehicles in 2025 and full-EV companies like Rimac emerging. The same is true of electric aviation and eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing,) which are racking up hundreds of orders and nearing commercialization. Emerging applications such as these require high performance battery cells that deliver both energy and power.

At EnPower, we design, engineer, and build batteries that push the performance frontier of Li-ion, unlocking new and emerging applications. In our latest Technical Note, we present data that show EnPower’s batteries breaking the traditional energy-power tradeoff. Across three energy regimes, EnPower cells generate 30-40% more power than conventionally designed cells. This translates to superior performance throughout the full range and lifetime of the vehicle.


– Powerful acceleration
– Long range for your weekend road trip
– Continuous performance, even at a low charge

eVTOL & Electric Aviation

– Sufficient range for air-taxis and inter-city travel
– Sustained performance and safety throughout the trip

EnPower technology enables the electrification of high performance applications that need energy for suitable range while simultaneously requiring power for superior performance. For automotive applications this means powerful acceleration, longer range, and continuous performance, even at a low charge. For eVTOL & electric aviation, EnPower batteries meet high power needs for take-off and landing, provide sufficient range for travel, and ensure sustained performance and safety throughout the trip.

If your applications require high performance battery cells, EnPower technology is ready to meet your needs. Download our Technical Note and Contact Us today!

EnPower's Technology Serves Automotive Aviation eVTOL Markets
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The Underserved Battery Markets

Batteries aren’t just for EVs. There is a world of opportunity; many will prove vital to the green world economy that lies ahead.