EnPower’s Actions to Stay Healthy During COVID-19

First and foremost, we pray that you and your family are safe and sound during this tumultuous time. We are, as a company, in a very good place with respect to COVID-19 in large part because we took action very early (late February) and every team member has made significant sacrifices for the benefit of the team’s well-being.

Actions taken to ensure employee and community safety without sacrificing progress include:

1. EnPower was deemed an “essential business” (manufacturing for energy) under Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, allowing us to stay focused on our goals through Arizona’s “Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.” period.

2. Social distancing is strictly enforced and anyone without a reason to be present in the Deer Valley facility has been asked to work remotely.

3. Masks have become part of our fashionable apparel and we’ve increased our cleaning service (also in masks and gloves) to provide daily vs. weekly service.

4. We shut down our kitchenette and all snacks became single-serve packages only.

5. We implemented a policy to allow employees that were feeling ill to stay at home without impacting their “sick time” several weeks before the Family’s First Coronavirus Response Act was announced.

6. At-home workout options were offered to employees that could no longer get to a gym.

7. New employees and employees who have been traveling are asked to self-quarantine and work from home for 14 days prior to entering EnPower facilities.

8. Non-contact temperature checks at the entrance to EnPower facilities are required and recorded.

Our goal during this pandemic is to stay together & healthy – and it’s working. It is enabling us to stay productive during a time when many of our competitors are in lockdown. We continue to watch the Arizona data and CDC guidelines and will keep the health and safety of our employees our top priority throughout this pandemic. We are extremely grateful for the sacrifices that our employees have made for themselves, each other, and EnPower.