Why Phoenix?

Buildings in Phoenix, Arizona
Growing Business Community

Phoenix was recognized as the fastest growing city in the United States five years in a row, between 2015 & 2020. During this time, roughly 634 companies relocated or expanded to Arizona, EnPower being one of them. 

President & CEO, Annette Finsterbusch, relocated the company from Houston, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona in 2018. The decision was in part due to the low cost of living and operating, high quality of life, and exceptional climate for battery making. 

Access to a robust talent pool is a key benefit to Arizona companies, bolstered by state universities and tech-focused trade programs. In 2021, Phoenix was listed as the 17th U.S. state for best tech talent market in North America.

Arizona is now ranked one of the hottest spots in the country for innovation and ranks number 7 among U.S. cities with the most startups. The startup ecosystem and state technology initiatives have played a critical role in EnPower’s growth since 2019. 

full of fun experiences

Among Arizona’s beautiful desert landscape is the 5th largest city in the United States, Phoenix: the perfect location for sports fans, food connoisseurs, outdoorsmen, and many more.

Phoenix has roughly 300 days of sunshine a year. The climate and desert terrain is great for individuals who love hiking, golfing, cycling, fishing, rock climbing, etc. There are endless adventures when you are surrounded by unique landscape in all directions. 

Phoenix is home to over 200 golf courses and host of the world famous PGA tournament, the Waste Management Open. Greater Phoenix also hosts all four major professional sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. If you are a Major League Baseball fan, don’t miss out on spring training in March!

Finally, Arizona is filled with great culture, shopping malls, beautiful markets, and endless restaurants. Look below to see what our employees love most about working in such a diverse and beautiful area. 

We asked our employees…..

What do you love about Phoenix?